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Dr Manuj Agarwal

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Dr. Manuj Agarwal (Au.D, Doctor of Audiology) is the principal audiologist at Vital Hearing and Balance Clinic. Manuj is accredited with Audiology Australia with 15 years of experience in practicing audiology and 8 years of university training including a doctorate in clinical audiology. As a senior audiologist, Manuj has extensive experience in both diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology roles working with both kids and adults, with cochlear implants, hearing devices, tinnitus and vestibular (balance) testing.

Vital Hearing Clinic is conceptualised on premise that healthy hearing is vital to our communication and engagement with the environment. In a child, it is essential to learn language and spoken speech. In elderly, research indicate a strong link between even mild hearing loss and late onset of cognitive and memory changes in brain potentially due to increased strain on brain due to effortful listening as well as social isolation experienced by the individual with hearing loss.


Manuj has keen interest in diagnosing and management of hearing loss and tinnitus. He puts considerable effort in talking to patients, explanation of results and recommending solutions.


Our audiology consult typically involves an interaction with audiologist to understand presenting concerns, visual examination of ear canal and ear drum, comprehensive hearing and speech test and a test of middle ear function. This is followed by explanation of results, discussion on management of hearing loss and/or referral back to the medical practitioner for further consultation.

Adults with significant and permanent sensorineural hearing loss may require appropriate fitting of hearing devices. There are provisions for pensioners, DVA members and active military personnel to apply for Hearing Services Program under Department of Health for their hearing services covered through the program.

Tinnitus or as often described as ringing in the ears is common complaint in adults and is often assessed and managed efficiently with detailed audiological evaluation, counselling and managing aggravating factors such as hearing loss, ear blockage etc. Tinnitus testing and balance testing are an integral part of our services at Vital Hearing and Balance clinic depending on the presenting concerns and/or on referral from the medical practitioner.

Patient care is at the centre of audiology services provided at Vital Hearing and Balance Clinic. Registered with Medicare, with Hearing Services Program as Qualified Practitioner to work with pensioners, with WorkSafe Victoria for Workcover assessments and having Working with Children Check number, you can be assured that your hearing health is in good hands.


Please talk to our friendly reception team to make an appointment.

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