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Ear microsuction is a technique where, with the aid of an operating microscope, a doctor can clean out wax, infective debris or foreign bodies from the ear. This is safer than traditional syringing (irrigation), where a fine jet of water is used to blast out the wax and indeed in may conditions, such as infection or perforated eardrums, we are unable to use syringing but can still safely perform microsuction. Microsuction at Bellbird Medical Centre is performed solely by doctors not by our nurses or an audiologist.


The use of the microscope also allows for a more accurate diagnosis of various ear conditions.

During the procedure the patient lies on a couch, a small conical metal speculum is placed in the ear and the doctor uses a narrow suction probe to clean the ear. There is some moderate sucking noise but this is usually well tolerated by most patients including children. It is unusual to get any side effects from microsuction however occasionally there may be slight dizziness or hearing loss may occur. These are temporary usually only lasting minutes and less frequent than with syringing.


In some cases wax may be too embedded to be removed by microsuction - in this situation we have the option of continuing with syringing.



Medicare eligible patients will be bulk-billed.

​Non-Medicare eligible patients our fees are $245.50 for both ears an extra $10 fee if syringing is necessary.
(Ear syringing on its own available for $105)

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